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Rates and Fees

Rates and fees

For all 3 of our kitchens, our rates are same, whether you’re using the Dream Kitchen or one of our Commercial Kitchens. The hours are based on monthly* rental. The rates are as follows:

1-30 hours/month*$40.00 / hour
31- 60 hours/month$35.00 / hour
61 – 90 hours/month$32.00 / hour
91 + hours/month$25.00 / hour

* Rental time is based on a calendar month, not a 30-day cycle. 

Other Fees

There is a $200.00 deposit that is refundable, if no claims are needed to be made against you for misuse or damage of the equipment or building or if the kitchen is not cleaned and $50 non-refundable application fee.

The $200 deposit is refundable within 45 days after your final rental pursuant to your contract and return of your key fob.

Further, you will need to talk with your insurance agent and have on your liability insurance policy a rider $1-$2 million dollars with Kitchen Thyme listed as an additional insured prior to use of Kitchen Thyme. See your contract for further instructions.

A 5% processing fee will be charged to all invoices.

Dry Storage Fees

There are TWELVE 36” wide x 36” long x 45” high lockable dry storage lockers available for rent on a monthly basis. Monthly rental is $75 a month. The dry storage lockers are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Cold Storage Fees

In the 8’ x 14’ walk-in cooler, there are racks to place your perishable items. The monthly rental of the cold storage rack is $150 a month. This storage is on a first come,  first serve basis.