7801 W. Broad St Suite 25, Richmond, VA 23294 | 804-396-COOK (2665)

Welcome to Kitchen Thyme

We’re cookin’ up convenience and cost-effectiveness at Kitchen Thyme. Through our rent by the hour consumer and professional kitchens, you get amazing culinary amenities when you want, for as long as you need. Our recipe is simple; mix the highest quality cooking surroundings with the lowest required cost of operations and serve it to you. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

Kitchen Thyme is a commercial kitchen for rent by the hour and workspace.

The culinary industry in Richmond, Virginia is exponentially growing and ripe with opportunity. Kitchen Thyme was created with the very purpose of providing a critical opportunity to our culinary community with the first and only licensed incubator kitchen in Richmond offering commercial kitchen spaces for rent to aspiring entrepreneurs, chefs, students and people by the hour, day, week or month. This facility enables hopeful culinary professionals to build a reputation, provide professional and licensed catering and cooking, and build their business skills to one day own a thriving, successful, and independent business.

Kitchen Thyme also allows the individual who has need of a larger kitchen to have all the space they need. Your home range only has 4 or 5 burners. You only have 1 or maybe 2 ovens at home. You probably don’t have an indoor char-broiler or griddle. We have a range with 6 burners.  We have 4 ovens. We have an indoor char-broiler and a griddle.  We have a big mixer and lots of prep tables.  We have the equipment you wish you could use, and the space to use it.

Waste less.  Cook more!

Is The Kitchen Available?

Please call 804.396.COOK (2665) or request to book your time in The Dream Kitchen or The Commercial Kitchens.

Green = Professional Kitchen A (Commercial 6 burner, flat top, 2 gas ovens, 2 convection ovens)

Red = Professional Kitchen B (Commercial 6 burner, 1 gas oven, 1 convection oven)

Blue = Dream Kitchen (Wolf Residential 6 burner, 12″ charbroiler, 12″ flat top, steam tray, warming drawer, 4 convection ovens)